Watercolor Tips and Techniques

Get The Most Out Of Your Watercolor Painting and Have Fun Doing It!

Painting With A Three Color Palette

Limit the number of colors you use to paint for a more professional look. Plus, you'll learn faster how to mix colors effectively. My newest video shows how to set up a complete palette, using red, yellow and blue (primary colors) to mix secondary colors (orange, purple and green) and...


Improve Your Painting With Juried Shows in Three Steps

Juried Shows Can Help You Be A Better Artist I've been accepted into a lot of juried shows, and won awards. I have also gathered more rejection slips than most people would think sane. I use juried shows as a tool to improve my art and career and you can, too. What Is A Juried Show A juried...


Free Reference Photos To Paint

A great painting often starts with a great photo. Here are sites where you can legally download great photos to paint free of charge. (No camera required.) 1.Pixabay.com Millions of free images and photos you can use anywhere. (One of my favorite sites!) 2. Paint My Photo .com You have to...