Qor Watercolors are called 'modern watercolors', with a new binding pigment, so, of course I had to try them.

(When you compare colors, make all things equal. Compare each color right from the tube for purest pigment.)

Decisions, Decisions - Change To A New Brand, Mix Two Together or Reject It

Mix It - I like both transparent pyrrol oranges, the Qor and my Daniel Smith brand, so I'll stir them together half and half on my palette for pyrrol orange. That way I get the best of both, the rich brown orange of the Daniel Smith brand and the golden orange glow of the Qor.

Reject it - For the dioxazine purple comparison - I like Dick Blick's better, so I'll probably use the Qor purple for value studies. (I never throw away paint.)

Do More Testing - The Qor yellow looks good, but I'll make a sheet showing how it mixes with my current colors before I decide to add it to my palette.

Add It - The Qor Ultramarine Blue looks good, and, as I'm out of it in my usual brand, I'm going to use it on my palette without more testing.

Professional artists are picky about their colors. Some pick a palette for their lifetime and never change. I like to try everything new, but I don't add new colors very often. Many are tried but few make the grade.

Below is a quick color study of a fox that I was trying these new colors on. Working loose and fast often lets colors combine in new ways. Whether my work is fast and loose, or slow and detailed, I love to explore new things and learn, learn, learn.

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